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Our search mantra takes us globally, unearthing candidates in every corner of the world, connecting ambition with opportunity.

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Recruitment Services

We recruit globally across the full spectrum of HR & Talent positions for a range of Financial Services, Professional Services, Tech Disrupters and Corporate firms.

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  • Pay if you hire

    Our permanent recruitment service follows a ‘pay if you hire’ model, ensuring you have access to our considerable recruiting expertise, our extensive networks and our market knowledge, whilst only investing in a recruitment fee if you successfully make an appointment.

    When working with us on a contingency basis, we prioritise quality over quantity and aim to deliver fully qualified, concise and balanced shortlists for your consideration.

    You’re free to utilise your own direct sourcing channels and also to accept introductions from other recruitment agencies when working with Lawson Chase on a contingency basis, unless we agree on an exclusive arrangement. Our fees for this service are a set percentage of the remuneration of the candidate/s you employ.

Our Process

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    When accepting a contingency search, we’ll ask you for a full briefing with either the hiring manager, the HR team or a combination of the two. This will be an opportunity for us to set the parameters of the search, devise our strategy and understand the soft & hard skills that your business is seeking to acquire through this hire. We’ll run you through our approach, any market insight we can share and cover the questions we have about your organisation, the team, the role and how best to take your hiring message to market.

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    Candidate shortlisting & approaches

    We’ll harness the full strength of both traditional & modern recruitment techniques, as well as cutting edge technologies to build a shortlist of candidates for your hire. This will include a search through our already-registered candidate database, advertising across multiple digital platforms, proactive approaches to prospective candidates and harnessing social media networks. Where we have deep rooted relationships, we’ll call on trusted contacts in the pursuit of referrals and recommendations.

    We’ll work with our briefing notes to whittle down a longlist of viable professionals to a shortlist of preferred candidates, who we’ll then approach on your behalf. We’ll pre-screen candidates for you, ensuring that we are delivering the profiles of only those who we believe meet the parameters of the brief you’ve provided.

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    Interview process & feedback

    Shortlisted candidates will commence interviewing with you, following the interview process and any assessment tests you’ve set. At each stage, we encourage open and comprehensive feedback from all parties, helping to ensure that expectations are managed and that preferred candidates continue to remain engaged throughout.

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    Offer and Appointment

    When the preferred candidate has been identified, we’ll work closely with you to both develop and present the offer that we feel confident will be able to conclude your process with a successful hire. The offer process can require negotiation and we’ll mediate between both you and the candidate to try to draw things to a positive conclusion. We’ll also help the candidate with the preparation to resign and help them to navigate any counteroffer situation that may develop, if they are currently employed elsewhere.

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