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Executive Search

Lawson Chase’s executive search practice supports companies worldwide to make senior permanent & interim appointments within the Risk, Regulatory & Corporate Governance umbrella of disciplines. Our niche specialism allows for speedy fulfilment of business critical, leadership appointments in areas including Risk Management, Compliance, Financial Crime, Legal, Audit, Data Protection/Privacy, Cyber, Regulatory Change and Investigations.

Organisations call upon us when a role is deemed to be of significant importance to their business, where a full-bodied search providing access to a local (or international) pool of talent is desirable and when the depths of our market expertise and network is invaluable. We are often a firm’s first phone call in situations where immediate support is required within highly regulated industries and as such, maintain an exceptional bank of interim executives. Our research led approach to search & traditional headhunting methodology, coupled with a unique degree of niche specialism delivers results time after time.

Market Coverage

Focusing on permanent and interim business critical appointments with base salaries in the region of £120,000-500,000/US $150,000-$800,000 or daily rates of £800-3,000 / US$1,000-4,000, typical hires include;

  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) including approved person functions (CF10/SMF16) & Head of Compliance

  • Chief Risk Officer (CRO) & Head of Risk

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Head of Information Security

  • Head of Financial Crime, including approved person functions (CF11/SMF17)

  • Head of Investigations / Head of Intelligence / Head of Forensics

  • Chief Audit Officer / Head of Audit (Internal Audit & IT Audit)

  • Chief Privacy Officer / Head of Data Protection

  • General Counsel & Head of Legal (in house only)

  • Partner & Director level appointments within ProfessionalServicesfirms

What Can You Expect?

  • Support in a forming a comprehensive 'needs assessment’ in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders to ensure the search is entirely fit for purpose and accurately reflects the genuine needs or the business. It is not uncommon for us to be heavily involved in the scoping of requirements and the construction of the job description - for backfill appointments, the job description of the departing role incumbent is frequently not fit for purpose and benefits from re-engineering. 

  • A overview of the local market conditions based on our market intelligence and a candid assessment of your firm’s standing & reputation within the industry. An open discussion around challenges and the search parameters, with challenge where appropriate.

  • Structuring of an appropriate schedule from ‘cradle to close’ including a timeframe for research, a breakdown of the attributes candidates will be assessed against, the design of interview stages and an estimation of ‘time to hire’. 

  • An extensive market mapping & intelligence exercise allowing you to benchmark the experience, skill sets and remuneration of comparable persons within competitor firms.

  • Unparalleled detail from our screening, ensuring you only invest your valuable time interviewingthebest suited professionals.

  • The powerhouse of a traditional headhunting firm whose recruiters are trained thoroughly in the art of skilful and discrete approaches to prospective candidate targets.

  • The right person hired and confidence in a successful appointment.

Why Use an Executive Search Service?

In a cost-conscious environment, it can be tempting to attempt to fill senior posts through direct channels - advertising and referrals. This is a limiting approach. The crème de la crème of talent in the corporate governance markets are typically well looked after by their present employers and only a small proportion of leaders will be actively on the job market.


  • When retained, Lawson Chase acts as a full business partner and is, in essence, an extension of your internal Talent Acquisition / HR team. We will take the time to learn about your corporate culture and how to best represent you in the market. 

  • Dedicated time and resource from experienced headhunters who know the markets they operate in inside out. Prioritised service and a fully enthused research team working tirelessly for results.

  • Protection of your image in the market & the external perception of the opportunity. Four contingent recruiters calling the same candidate about an opportunity dilutes the attractiveness of a role.

  • The opportunity to review the best available talent, not just the 'best of who is actively seeking new employment'.

  • A comprehensive and efficiently orchestrated search with consistency in feedback, quality of screening and aqualifiedthird party overview of the available options for hire.

If you are interested in discussing Lawson Chase’s Executive Search services, please contact Lawson Chase

UK: +44 203 174 1841

US: +1 212 641 0422


*Please note, permanent retained engagements carry a minimum fee of £30,000 / $35,000 per assignment and are agreed as individual proposals, tailored around a hiring organisation’s needs.