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Max Heppleston

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile

Max Heppleston shares some guidance on how to ensure your LinkedIn profile is visible to prospective employers and search firms.

As a Headhunter sometimes I can look at hundreds of LinkedIn profiles a day, so over the last few years I have built up an idea of how to write a good one, and how to get found by employers and Headhunters.

You might also find yourself being approached for roles that aren’t right for you as well, in this article I want to discuss how to optimise your profile to get found by the right people, for the right positions.

Even if you may not be actively looking for a new role it is worth doing, what if someone out there was looking for someone with your skills for your dream job, or a bigger salary? Wouldn’t you want to at least think about it? 

Having a strong LinkedIn profile can also help you build new relationships, market and sell yourself and your company/product.

Here is my list of what I think is key to being found on LinkedIn.

Use the right keywords:

This should be obvious, but I see so many profiles that don’t tell you anything about the person apart from their name and corporate grading. 

“Congratulations, you’re a Vice President, but of what? Sales? Marketing? Compliance?”

Nobody searches “Vice President” but they do search for “Institutional Fixed income business development” or “marketing manager with experience creating marketing materials and collateral such as presentations, whitepapers and bespoke content”

So, make sure your summary and job descriptions have the right keywords in it to describe your key responsibility and achievements.   If this is done well your profile can also rank highly on Google as many recruiters use Google to search through LinkedIn profiles that may be out of their network.

Tag yourself properly:

If you work in New York City, make sure it is tagged correctly as Recruiters almost always filter it by location and if you aren’t tagged correctly you will simply not show up.

Here are some of the options we get to select when we search for people, make sure you tag your industry correctly, and if you have changed ensure it is up to date.

If you are a marketer in the Wealth & Investment Management space, tag yourself as being in the Investment Management industry.

Also, make sure you have tagged your company correctly, sometimes when we run a specific search, we will filter it by companies’ competitors as well.

Make sure your tagline is short and sweet.

This is a potential employers first impression of you.  Make sure it is descriptive and brief, again try to avoid putting a corporate grading or manager and write what you do in one line.

This can decide whether a potential employer or recruiter will even click on your profile!

Skills section:

The skill section is great as it allows you to fill it out with keywords that are relevant to you but may not be easy to fit into your job description or summary.

It will also up your ranking in the search, LinkedIn recommended to fill in at least 5 and says that you are 33x more searchable!

The skills are listed under Skills & Endorsements, Industry Knowledge, Tools & Technologies, Interpersonal Skills & Other.  This is a great place to show off your stuff.


Do you speak any languages? Witten any industry publications? Received any awards?

Another place to show off and show why you are accomplished and credible.

Make use of Articles and Media attachments:

Here you can uploads articles you have written, and any media that could be relevant, like factsheets, CVs and any documents.  I have used it to upload information on what we do and how we do it. 

Make yourself contactable:

You can set your profile to be open as well, this is a premium feature that allows anyone to message you even if they have no InMails.

A quick PSA as well, if someone sends you an InMail, even if you aren’t interested, accept it, if you do they get the InMail back and can move on, if not they lose it and can never message you again, ever. InMails are also costly for small business.

In summary, a strong LinkedIn profile is like a CV, it makes you searchable to hiring managers, employers, internal talent teams and Headhunters, and it’s so easy to use and can be free! Why not take advantage of this potentially powerful tool?

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