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Max Heppleston

A new generation of Investors are coming, are you ready?

Thoughts on the digital marketing evolution within Wealth & Investment Management.

People in their 20s and 30s are investing, whether they are HNWI, Professional Investors or HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet).  By 2030, this generation (the Millennials) will hold 5X the wealth they currently do (set to be around be $19 to $24 trillion) and newer, more agile firms are already snaring these investors.

Most people under 40 are looking to invest digitally with either Robo Advisors like Nutmeg, Betterment and the ESG focused Swell, or a Hybrid Advisory Service that takes the ease of an online-led journey, and pairs it with the trusted expertise of real-life advisers, as you still need that personal touch with larger investments.

These accounts also need to be easy to set up. I set up my account with a discretionary wealth manager through an app in around 20 minutes and I can monitor it through my phone with the touch of a button with an advisor just a call, WhatsApp or Message away. 

Reaching millennials isn’t hard, you just need to know how to do it. 

You need an Integrated Marketing approach. A good website, SEM (search engine management), Content and Social Media.  It should be seamless for the customer to navigate as consumers now need multiple touch points before they Invest and will research your brand across all channels looking for a strong presence and fresh content.  A strong Integrated campaign can generate much higher conversion rates, and your competition is already doing it, and doing it well.

This one seems simple but is often overlooked, you need to have an up to date, good looking and high functioning website.  If your website is looking like its from the 90’s, we aren’t going to hand over our money to you.  It needs to be easy to navigate with content as the focus.  It should be linked to your social media accounts and have an integrated live chat function for any quick questions people may have.   A good website should also have a lead generation page, I saw a great one on the Octopus Wealth page that took me from LinkedIn to the landing page, takes some basic information then books in a call an advisor. 

Although, companies are spending too much budget on generating the clicks and getting traffic to their website, but not enough thought is being put into landing pages and converting the traffic into prospects. No matter how good your CTR is, if that traffic doesn’t convert it’s irrelevant.

SEM is very important as well and Google is usually the first place we go to find anything, and that is the same for Investing.  A good mix of PPC & SEO is key to appear at the top of searches, to increase your brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to your website.   This is effectively advertising to people who are already searching for your product and its one of the most cost effective and measurable ways of doing so.

SEM is very conversion focused and driving traffic to sales pages and pushing it through the sales funnel, with SEO supporting the top of the funnel and PPC can focus on a more specific goal close to the end of the funnel. SEM is a diverse channel covering PPC, Display Ads and Retargeting Ads based on previous searches across all devices including mobiles, which again is very important as nearly 50% of all searches start on mobile.

Social media… you need this to stay relevant, share content that can help and educate your audience, post interesting articles and tell your company story in a personal way.  It’s a great and cost effective way to engage with your existing and potential customers, drive brand awareness and again, drive traffic to your website and improve your SEO rankings.

If also increases brand loyalty if you engage with customers and built your follower base.  People who follow a brand online are more likely to stay loyal to it.

This is a channel that the new up and coming firms are building into their core strategy as it is one of the cheapest and most time efficient ways to market, especially to the younger generation.

Your company needs a face, and having the CEO on social media is a great way to do this, they can show their human side, share updates, and be responsive to your customers/potential customers. It shows that you care as a business and will have an enormous impact.

Content and thought leadership needs to be easily digestible, bitesize and engaging, if you send several pages of plain boring content through its not going to get read.  Ask yourself, is it available on both Mobile and PC? Is it shareable?

If the answer to that is yes, they this will help you look credible and a leader in the market.

Again, strong shareable content will drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and can improve your SEO rankings alongside giving you a reputable knowledgeable name in the market.


Overall, the NEED to go digital is overwhelming for Wealth & Investment Managers, it is not only cost effective, it attracts the next generation of investors, generates inbound leads for sales teams and investment managers to develop, will get you in front of people who wont take cold calls and increase your brand awareness. Are you ready for the next wave of investors?

Lawson Chase is a headhunting and search firm with a dedicated Wealth & Investment Management recruitment division. If hiring exceptional talent is a priority for your business and you’re interested in finding out how we can support you to identify, attract and secure experienced professionals, please reach out today for an introductory conversation.

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