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Diversity & Inclusion

The Lawson Chase team feel passionately about Diversity & Inclusion and strive to promote equality in both our internal and external hiring practices. We believe that diverse workforces which fully represent the communities in which we live inspire exceptional teams. An open-minded and accepting environment where diverse opinions and perspectives are valued is one that allows all employees to harness their talents and realise their true potential.

At Lawson Chase, we celebrate the differences between people that make them unique. Combining the skills and talents of a wide array of professionals leads to greater innovation, more collaboration and the opportunity to empower teams to perform at their strongest through fostering partnership and embracing the breadth talents that a diverse workforce has.

When hiring within our own workforce and when sourcing prospective candidates on behalf of the clients we represent, Lawson Chase will never discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, sexuality, age, disability, marital status, religion or belief or race.

We are proud to be an agency that fully embeds Diversity & Inclusion in our working practices and who embraces the benefits that a world-representative workforce brings.